Dine Originals Week - Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus

Saturday night we visited The Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus for dinner. What a fun evening! First of all, this place is just downright cool. The bar is lit with blue lights. You know the blue I’m talking about; cobalt blue. It set a tone to the bar that was alive and warm. The building is long and narrow, so as we walked through the bar area, the sounds of voices and laughter bounced around us. If I hadn’t been in a good mood already that would have lifted my spirits right then and there!

We were seated almost immediately at a table just past the middle of the restaurant. This was a very good place to be. Our server introduced herself to us and helped us with our drink orders. She left us with the Restaurant Week menu as well as the regular menu as she went to put in the drinks. We have definitely decided that someone in the kitchen at the Elevator certainly knows his/her way around a stove! The menu is just packed with items that all look so delicious it’s almost a sin not to order one of everything! I had a difficult time restraining myself.

In addition to the three course Restaurant Week menu, I ordered the sauerkraut balls as an appetizer to share. I thought I was being very sly and slipped it in when Bob wasn’t paying attention, however he can read me like a book. I saw the grin on his face and knew I’d been busted. He knows I have a weakness for sauerkraut balls. And having mentioned about three times that they were on the menu, in reality, I probably wasn’t really that sly at all.

Review written by Jean Bugs.  Read the full article at Dishing-it-up Columbus.

On Tap Beer Review

Elevator Brewery Co. Horny Goat Barrel-Aged Porter ($9.99 for four 12-ounce bottles)

Aging beer in oak barrels has become the trend recently, but it can be tricky to get right. Happily, Elevator hits the nail on the head.

One sip and there's no doubt about where this robust beer spent the past three months. It starts off tasting like the richest mocha porter you can imagine, but it's all silky bourbon by the end. Threads of vanilla and caramel weave through the layers of roasted coffee and chocolate. It's incredibly smooth.

Think about sipping this beer on its own, with a plate of strong cheeses or with an extremely dark-chocolate dessert.

Look for it at Anderson's, Grapes of Mirth, Palmer's and Weiland's.

-Emma Christensen
Dispatch beer reviewer