~Midway Light~                               4.2% ABV

Light bodied Midwestern beer brewed for the decerning pallet of the local sports fan.


~Elevator Xtra~                                5.2%   ABV

German-style Lager, medium-bodied, full-flavored and crisply hopped… a classic bier.


~Heifer-weizen~                                5.5%   ABV

This traditional German-style wheat beer is unfiltered and the yeast gives banana and clove flavors and aromas not typically found in American-style wheat beers.  Served with a slice of lemon.


~Pale Ale 2.0~                                    5.0%   ABV

Our session pale ale is made with mosaic & falconer’s flight hops. Crisp with notes of citrus & tropical fruit.


~Three Frogs IPA~                           6.9%   ABV

Our IPA is dry-hopped for maximum flavor, but without the “hop overload” of many IPAs on the market; we always strive for a balanced flavor.


~380 IPA~                                          6.0%   ABV

Our “Left Coast” American style IPA is made with 3 hop varieties that combine to give it a crisp, refreshing fruitiness.


~Bleeding Buckeye Red Ale~           5.7%   ABV

This is an American Red Ale, similar to an Irish Red, English ESB or American Amber Ale; it is well balanced, rich and a bit toasty, a perfect addition to any game day.



~Dark Force Lager~                         5.2%   ABV

Lightly hopped German-style Dark Lager (dunkel in German) is smooth and rich, but not heavy or bitter, it has hints of nuts and cocoa.  You’ll love it if you like dark beer – if you don’t normally like dark beer this will change your opinion and be a new favorite!


~Mocha Plum Stout~                        6.0% ABV

Dark, malty and full-bodied with flavors of coffee, chocolate and a slight plum tartness. 



*Limited Release Monthly Selections



~Double Hazy IPA~                          8.8% ABV

A imperial hazy east coast IPA with fruit forward hops.


~Cole Porter~                                    4.2% ABV

This sessionable porter is very dark and toasty with notes of chocolate and dark berries.


~Horny Goat~                                   7.5% ABV

This rich porter is aged in woodford reserve bourbon barrels which gives it notes of toasty oak, toffee and vanilla.

~Mogabi~                                           5.5%   ABV

This refreshing American Wheat beer is bright, crisp and clean, but finishes with an unexpected citrusy hop bite, the result of dry-hopping with Amarillo hops. Often referred to as a “Wheat Pale Ale”.



Watershed & Spiced Tonic

Watershed Four Peel Gin, House Made Spiced Tonic Water and Fresh Lime.


Mandarin Ginger Old-Fashioned

Bulleit Bourbon, Domaine de Canton, Mandarin Ginger Simple Syrup and Angostura Bitters



Moscow Mule

Watershed Vodka, House Made Ginger Beer and fresh lime. Also available as Kentucky Mule (Knob Creek) and Mexican Mule (Espolon Reposado).


Pomegranate Martini

Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka, PAMA Liqueur and



Peach Aperol Spritz

Kettle One Peach and Orange Blossom, Aperol, lemon, grapefruit, Sprite




Barrel Bomb

House made root beer with Jagermeister.


Pickle shot

Absolut Peppar with Chef’s spicy pickle and Tabasco.




Basil Hayden $9

Knob Creek $8

Bakers $9

Blantons $36

Bookers $13

Buffalo Trace $13

Woodford Reserve $8

Woodford Reserve Double Oak $11

Watershed $8

Angels Envy $13

Angels Envy Rye $18

Makers Mark $7

Old Forester $7

Bulleit $7

Bulleit Rye $8

Henry Mckenna $14

Wellers $10

Wellers Antique $13

Elijah Craig $14

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof $18

Calumet 10yr $18

Blood Oath Pact V $68

Old Ezra 7yr $15

Eagle Rare $20


If you are interested in buying kegs of our beer, Please contact Columbus Distributing at 614-846-1000 or email us at :

We brew a specialty beer for each month of the year. Ask your server for details on our MBA (Masters of Beer Appreciation) program on your next visit.



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